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Sugar GlidersAlvin and Brittany 3 years Our previous family had us for several years but as the children grew up they found less time to spend with us.999001 999001
Ferrets Logan and Storm 4 1/2 years Our parents were forced to give us up because they had an ag-gressive dog in the house and was afraid that we might become injured. We are very loving and enjoy “people” company. Logan is deaf. 999002 999002
Rabbit Marco 1 year My parents were moving away and I was not able to be relocated with them. I may need a little re-socializing, I’m been left alone a lot in the last few months. 999003 999003
Rabbit Cinnamon 5 years I’m a dwarf rabbit. Just as like my name I am sweet and lovable. Will you take me home 999004 999004
Guinea Pig Goblin 2 years My parents were no longer able to give me the attention I wanted, so they thought it would be better to go to a new family who would like to spend time with an old “fatty” like me. 999005 999005
Chinchilla Rou 6 years My parents were moving away and could not take me with them. I need some extra loving. I am neutered. 999006 999006
Rabbit Belle 10 months The kids didn’t want to play with me much any longer so we all thought it would be best to find a new forever home. I’m a little shy but I promise to warm up if given the chance. 999007 999007
Hedgehog Orzo 1 year I’m a little older and a little grumpy. That’s just because I have different sleeping habits than my owners did. So we decided to slip up and find new homes, maybe you can help. 999008 999008
Gerbils Boston and Corduroy 6 months We weren’t handled that much by our previous family so we may have become a little nippy. With proper care we promise to change. 999009 999009
Dwarf Hamster Bagel 5 months I love to hide. I maybe petite, but I would be a great pet.999010 999010
Hamster Cocoa 7 months I’m an escape artist and my family could not afford to get me a new cage that is escape proof so they put me up for adoption. 999011 999011
Hamster Ariel 10 months I’m a little shy. All I need is someone to adopt me and I will be your loving friend. 999012 999012